V-1200HD: Multi-Format Video Switche

A comprehensive and flexible multi-format video switcher giving you complete control of video sources, key layers and mixing engine configurations.

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Hybrid Engine 2 M/E Switcher and Processor for Broadcast and Live Events

A comprehensive and flexible multi-format video switcher giving you complete control of video sources, key layers rsg_video_cat_v1200hdand mixing engine configurations. The V-1200HD introduces a unique flexible hybrid engine with 4:2:2 broadcast switcher and 4:4:4 live event switcher. In addition to powerful video capabilities, the V-1200HD also has a built-in 16-channel audio mixer.

Main Features

  • 10 SDI and 4 HDMI inputs, and 6 SDI and 2 HDMI outputs
  • 4:2:2/4:4:4 hybrid engine
  • The 4:2:2/10-bit processor is 2 M/E switcher that is able to switch 2 M/E, 1.5 M/E, and 1 M/E.
  • The 4:4:4/10-bit multi-format processor supports live presentation, split-screen, and matrix output.
  • 4K switching mode
  • Up to 92 Inputs/Outputs 16-channel audio mixer
  • Control of up to 4 remote cameras
  • Optional control surface with T-bar and dual displays.
  • All switcher functions can be operated from a computer using remote control software, V-1200HD RCS
  • Input/output expandable via expansion slots

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Hybrid Engine 2 M/E Switcher and Processor for Broadcast and Live Events


The 4:2:2 engine’s variety of M/E modes allows for more creative freedom.

2 M/E Mode
This provides a standard 2 M/E operation style. Two keyers can be used with each M/E. Keyer priority can also be assigned and changed. Not only is re-entry of the video source from M/E 1 to M/E 2 possible, but so is reverse re-entry from M/E 2 to M/E 1. Each of the two M/Es can be output independently allowing for applications such as simultaneous transmission of captions in two different languages.

1.5 M/E Mode
This is the highest-performance operation style, capable of using PGM/PST rows as the final stage in addition to 1 M/E. All four keyers can be used in 1 M/E. You can freely change the priority of each keyer, and even copy keyers. This mode enables complex mixing operations such as a video source plus 4-layers of composition and transition functions to another single video source.

1 M/E Mode
This is a simple operation style using 1 M/E + 4 keys. In addition to using PGM/PST rows on the main line, you can use two AUX buses. This mode allows discrete video feeds to be switched and routed to additional outputs making the V-1200HD the ideal primary switcher for a number of broadcast and live performance applications.

4K Switching Mode (future upgrade)
This functions as a 4K/60p routing switcher by combining four SDI inputs or outputs to achieve a single 4K source. Installing an XI-SDI SDI expansion card enables 4K routing of up to three inputs and two outputs.
* 4K HDMI input/output is not supported.
* M/Es and keyers cannot be used.

4:4:4 Multi-Format Processor
There are two scalers between the 4:2:2 engine and the 4:4:4 engine, and two scalers between HDMI IN 3 and 4 and the 4:4:4 engine.
These enable switching, self key composition, and matrix output. When using HDMI direct in and out, all processing is done using 4:4:4 10-bit that supports RGB and computer signals.

A dedicated V-1200HDR controller provides fast and accurate operation. Dual touch monitors provide quick and easy operation.
All the functionality required for operation of a high-end switcher, in an efficient compact size.

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t Connectors3G/HD/SD-SDI: BNC type x 10 * Conforms to SMPTE 424M (SMPTE 425M-AB), 292M, 259M-C
HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI INPUT 1–2) * HDCP Not supported
HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI INPUT 3–4) * HDCP Supported., Multi-format Supported.Output Connectors3G/HD/SD-SDI: BNC type x 6 * Conforms to SMPTE 424M (SMPTE 425M-AB), 292M, 259M-C
HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI OUTPUT 1–2) * HDCP Supported
HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI OUTPUT MULTI-VIEW 1 * HDCP Not required, 1080/59.94p)
(HDMI OUTPUT MULTI-VIEW 2 * HDCP Required, 1080/59.94p)FormatsSDI: 480/59.94i, 576/50i, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p
* Conforms to SMPTE 274M, SMPTE 296M, ITU-R BT.601-5
HDMI: 480/59.94i, 576/50i, 480/59.94p, 576/50p, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p,1024×768/60*1, 1280×720/60*1, 1280×800/60*1, 1366×768/60*1, 1280×1024/60*1, 1400×1050/60,1600×1200/60, 1920×1080/60, 1920×1200/60 * Conforms to CEA-861-E, VESA DMT Version 1.0 Revision 11
* The output format of HDMI1,2 and SDI is always the same.
* 1 Output refresh rate is 75 Hz when frame rate is set to 50 Hz.
Frame rate: 59.94 (NTSC) or 50 (PAL)
MULTI-VIEW 1–2: 1080/59.94p
(4:2:2 Processing)M/E: 1 M/E, 1.5 M/E, 2 M/E (9 patterns)
Transition: Mix, NAM* , FAM* , Cut, Wipe, Slide*, Squeeze* * PGM/PST only
Composition (Keyer): 4 channels * The number of composition depends on M/E, PinP, Chroma Key, Luminance Key, External Key supported
AUX: 2 * The number of AUX depends on M/E
Others: Output Fade, Freeze, Capture, Composition Edit, SDI Output PatchbayEffects
(4:4:4 Processing)M/E: 1 M/E, Matrix, Scaler
Input: 4 (4:2:2 Processing outputs x 2, HDMI INPUT 3, HDMI INPUT 4)*
Transition: Mix, Cut*
Keyer: Luminance Key (1 M/E)*
Others: HDCP Supported, Output Fade, Output Cropping, Signal Generator*
* The function depends on M/EStill ImageStill Image Inputs: 2, Internal Memory: 16, Maximum 1920×1080 pixels
Format: Windows Bitmap File (.bmp ) 24 bit per pixel, uncompressed, Portable Network Graphic File (.png) * Alpha channel Supported.
MultiviewerMULTI-VIEW 1 (4:2:2 Processing): 16/10 screens, Audio Level, Label, Tally * HDCP Not required
MULTI-VIEW 2 (4:4:4 Processing): 4 screens, Audio Level, Label, Tally, OSD Setup Menu
* HDCP RequiredProc. Amp.Equipped with all inputsAudioProcessingSampling Rate : 24 bits/48 kHzInput Connectors3G/HD/SD-SDI: BNC type x 4 (Ch7-10), HDMI x 4, AUDIO IN (XLR/TRS) L (1/2),R (3/4)
* Analog Audio or AES/EBUOutput Connectors3G/HD/SD-SDI: BNC type x 4 (Ch1-4), HDMI x 2, AUDIO OUT (XLR/TRS) L (1/2),R (3/4)
* Analog Audio or AES/EBUInput Level and ImpedanceAUDIO IN: -68–+4dBu (Maximum: +22dBu, 4k ohms)Output Level and ImpedanceAUDIO OUT: +4dBu (Maximum: +22dBu, 600 ohms)FormatsSDI: Linear PCM, 24bits, 48kHz, 16ch * Conforms to SMPTE 299M, SMPTE272M-C
HDMI: Linear PCM, 24bits, 48kHz, 2ch
AES/EBU: Linear PCM, 24bits, 48kHz, 4chEffectsPatchbay: 92 inputs x 92 outputs Delay: 16ch
Mixer: 16ch, channel Effects: 3-Band EQ, Delay Master Effects: Mastering, 3-Band EQ, ReverbOthersExpansion SlotSlot: 2, Internal video bus: Input 2, Output 2 / Internal audio bus: Input 16ch, Output 16ch * 2 slots totalPhase adjustment┬▒1080 LinesReferenceInput: BNC type x 1
Output/Through: BNC type x 1
* Black Burst (Sync to frames), Bi-Level, Tri-Level
* Through when using an Input.External ConnectorsRS-232: D-Sub 9 pin type x 1 * for Remote Control * 9600/38400bps, Data 8bit, Stop 1bit, Parity None, Flow XON/XOFF, ASCII Code Set
RS-422: D-Sub 9 pin type x 1 * for VISCA Control
TALLY/GPIO: D-sub 25 pin type x 1 (Input: 8, Output: 16)
LAN: RJ45 100Base-TX (Connect to V-1200HDR or Computer (V-1200HDRCS)), Maximum: V-1200HD x 4, V-1200HDR or V-1200HDRCS x 4
USB: A type x 2 USB Mrmory / Use for future expansionMemory8 * Last Memory FunctionUser Function Button32 * 16 buttons x 2 banksRemote Camera ControlRS-422: D-Sub 9 pin type x 1 Protocol: VISCA
* 9600/38400bps, Data 8bit, Stop 1bit, Parity None, Flow None, Maximum: 4 UnitsRemore ControlerV-1200HDR Control Surface * Option
V-1200HD RCS * Windows7 or later / Mac OSXPower SupplyAC 100V, DC 24V/10A (XLR-4-32 type) * Redundant Power Supply * 240WOperation Temperature+0 to +40 degrees Celsius +32 to +104 degrees FahrenheitDimensionsWidth: 430 mm / Depth: 357 mm / Height: 132.5 mm * EIA-3U rack mount sizeWeight9.0 kgAccessoriesPower Cord, Rack Mount Angle (2), Input Template, Owner’s ManualThis product is a Class A digital device under FCC part 15.
“VISCA” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. [/tab]


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