Linktube L8 Compact On Air Broadcast Console

Linktube L8 Compact On Air Broadcast Console


Broadcast mixer with: 8 IN, 6 MIC/LINE, 2 TEL. HIBRYD, 1 USB, 1 BLUETOOTH. Digital display with clock and timer. 6 OUT. Talk back. Exetrnal power supply!


The new compact audio console is a very versatile broadcast mixer suitable for on-air and production studios and designed for all type of radio environment.

The L8 console comes as a unique and ready to use piece of hardware including all major functions such USB, Bluetooth and 2 Telephone Hybrids

This compact console features also the Talk Back, Control Room Mute and On-Air controls.

Linktube L8 integrates high quality components and 100% made in Italy.




8 Inputs
6 Outputs
Digital Display
2 build in Telephone Hybrids
2 Front Panel Headphone Outputs
19 inch Mountable
Low Voltage Input for Mobile Applications


1: mic / stereo line

2: mic / stereo line

3: mic / stereo line

4: mic / stereo line

5: mic / stereo line / usb

6: mic / stereo line / bluetooth

7: telephone hybrid / stereo line

8: telephone hybrid / stereo line

1: master out

2: aux out

3: studio monitor

4: guest monitor

5: guest headphones

6: front panel speaker headphones


speaker headphones

guests headphones

studio or guest monitor

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