Linktube FM triple coaxial cavity in quarter wave high “Q” with variable coupling. Installed between transmitter and antenna, provides an output signal free from spurious and a perfect isolation from other emissions. Made of aluminum with internal lines of silvered copper and PTFE insulators. These cavity filters have a B.W. command that allow you to adjust selectivity.

The TRIPLE version guarantees a superb selectivity , ideal for systems with very close frequencies between them.

Technical Data
FDB/1031-N            FDB/1031-M           FDB/1033-M           FDB/1033-F             FDB/1035-F              FDB/1035-S
FREQ. RANGE                  87.5–108Mhz         87.5–108Mhz         87.5–108Mhz          87.5–108Mhz          87.5–108Mhz           87.5 – 108Mhz
IMPEDANCE                     50 Ohm                     50 Ohm                    50 Ohm                     50 Ohm                     50 Ohm                       50 Ohm
V.S.W.R.                              <1.15:1                       <1.15:1                      <1.15:1                       <1.15:1                        <1.15:1                         <1.15:1
ATTENUATION                < 0.4db                     < 0.4db                     < 0.4db                     < 0.4db                      < 0.35db                     < 0.35db
POWER                                800W                        1.2KW                       2KW                          3KW                           5KW                             5KW
BANDWIDTH(-3db)       400–1000Khz        400–1000Khz       400–1000Khz       400–1000Khz        400–1000Khz          400–1000Khz
CONNECTOR                     N                                 7/16                            7/16                            7/8                              7/8                                 1+5/8
WEIGHT                              12 Kg                         18 Kg                          25 Kg                         27 Kg                         39 Kg                            42 Kg
DIMENSIONS(cm)          125x40x20              125x40x20               120x60x20              120x60x20              130x73x30                  130x73x30
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