The Retelgy Turnkey TV MCR is the complete Master Control Room designed to integrate all the equipment needed to broadcast professional quality and versatility TV programes with modern technology.
The Turnkey TV MCR is fully digital and able to broadcast in SD/HD/4K, fits any video format, logo & graphics, loudness control, video mixer, social networking interactivity, 4 TB storage, satellite clock synchronization and all integrated into a technical furniture as customer demands.

Our MCR’s are suitable for any kind of transmission: DVB-T, DVB-T2, Satellite, Online tv and visual radio etc.

Technical furniture with 19 units rack. Video Mixer: 4-10 SDI inputs, 2-4 HDMI inputs, multi-viewer Suite (capture, schedule and playout) advanced logo generator and Graphics with Social Network integration24/7 Logging and WEB Streaming unit TV Audio Processor & Loudness Control Loudspeaker, Monitors Cabling etc.

At Retelgy Limited, we offer friendly and cost effective customized Television broadcasting solution.

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